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IFSG Events Page

IFSG does Islamic Finance and Personal Finance events monthly from its More Than Just Money (MTJM) series to collaborations with our partners.


Email us for collaborations or simply register for our events below!


January 2023

Upcoming Events
This Month's plan

Islamic Economics

25th Jan 2023, Wednesday, 8 to 10pm

Halal/Haram on Money

1st Feb 2023, Wednesday, 8pm to 10 pm

MUIS Seminar

4th Feb 2023, Saturday, 11am to 1pm

More Than Just Money Series (MTJM)

MTJM E1: Not All Investments Are Made Equal with Mr Sani Hamid
MTJM E2: ETFs, Simple Yet Effective with Wahed Invest
MTJM E3: Cryptos, The Question On Everyone's Lips with Aziz Zainuddin
MTJM E4: Islamic Financial Literacy
MTJM E5: Islamic Banking, Different Sides Of The Same Coin? With Mr Zulkarnien
MTJM E6: Islamic Finance, Bloom or Doom? With Mr Raj Mohamed
MTJM E7: Shariah Investing, Performance With Principles with Ustaz Kamal Mokhtar
MTJM E8: Shariah Advisors, Gatekeepers of Islamic Finance with Mdm Suhaida Mahpot
MTJM E9: Interest & Usury, Remedy or Tragedy? With Brother Zul Hakim
MTJM E10: Fireside Chat With A Venture Capitalist, with Mr Suryono
MTJM E11: Insurance, The Singaporean Muslim Dilemma with Ustaz Haron Masagos
MTJM E12: Digitalisation Of The Modern Islamic Economy And What It Offers with Dr Hazik Mohamed
MTJM E13: The New Fund On the Block with Maybank Asset Management Fund Managers
MTJM E14: Equity & P2P Crowdfunding, Returns That Beat Your Bank Savings, with Brother Umar Munshi
MTJM E15: Islamic Finance Guru, Financial Predicament to Enlightenment with Ibrahim Khan
MTJM E16: Islamic Finance, Hard Questions That Make Sense with Assoc Prof Dr. Eskandar Shah
MTJM 17: Getting To Know Wahed's UMMA Fund
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A Moment On Money Series (AMOM)


IF@SG Events All Year Round

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