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Towards Gracious and Prudent  Financial Management

14th January 2023

9.00 am to 5.30 pm

Lifelong Learning Institute, Paya Lebar

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Here are four issues that we at IFSG have found, Muslims in Singapore are facing:

How to start: "I am really new to money as a whole and would like to start. Any advice or resources on how and where to start? 

Where to invest: "Can anyone with experience offer some advice which avenues are best for shariah compliant investment?"

What to do"When inflation is this high, should we just put our money in fixed deposits and withdraw our investments?"

Why should I"Why is Islamic finance not being promoted openly in Singapore? I remember there’s ads on tv by one of the banks"

Thus, we in IFSG, felt the need to address and help our community address these questions and gather solution providers through this symposium


Rizq Symposium 2023

Hasn't it ever occurred to you "What can I do more with my wealth?" or "Why are other people from other faiths enjoying more wealth than me?" 

With the different problems, we Singaporeans face, whether it be the rising cost of living, work-related problems or other issues, it is no wonder that we put our own financial goals aside.


And how can a person not put aside their financial goals when just in the first half of 2022, S$108.8 million was lost (The Straits Times) and not to mention, half of the Singaporeans aged 17-29 have not even started their financial planning, citing that it is too early to do so!

As such, we in IFSG have initiated our maiden Rizq Symposium, to educate our community on not just the importance of financial planning from an Islamic lens but also provide the active solution providers in Singapore, who are better equipped to advise you on:

  • Investments

  • Insurance

  • Estate Planning

  • Educational courses

So you see, it's not another talk on investing or another seminar on how to manage your money, rather, it's a community initiative that brings together the service providers in Singapore and an expert lineup of local panellists to give you the latest scoops and tips on managing your Rizq!

So here's your chance to learn almost everything there is on money in Singapore from an Islamic perspective, whether it be through the different service providers in the booth section or through the four-panel session consisting of industry experts, finance professionals and community asatizahs.

Who will you be learning from?

Balancing Material Needs, Social Responsibilities, and Spiritual Pursuits


Raj Mohamed

Managing Director, Five Pillars


Dr.Hazik Mohamed

Managing Director, Stellar Consulting Group


Ustaz Haron Masagoes

Internal Shariah Advisor, FAiWA


Paul Bamber

Head of Sales (Asia), Montreux Capital Management

Seeking Barakah in Financial Planning: Islamic Personal Finance and Legacy Planning


Abdul Rahman BMH

Managing Director, ARLC


Sani Hamid

Director of Economy & Markets, Financial Alliance

Ustaz Kamal.jpg

Ustaz Kamal Mokhtar

Shariah Advisor, Maybank



CEO, Pergas Investment Holdings

Different Sides of The Same Coin: Singapore Islamic Finance Landscape & Challenges


Ustaz Hamrey Mohamad


Wareesan Management


Sazzali Sabandi

Head Deposits & Wealth, Islamic Banking, Maybank Singapore


Ustaz Aminuddin Abu Bakar

Managing Director,

S Tradition


Shamir Wahid

Managing Director 
Finesse Advisory

Prudent Management of Rizq: Daily Needs and The Pursuit Of The Hereafter


Ustazah Norsuria Jani

Governance & Compliance Manager, Howden Broking


Shehzad Islam

CEO, Ethis Investment

Ustaz Anwar.png

Ustaz Anwar Hussain

Executive Imam, Masjid Khalid


Qayyim Isa

Founder, TAQ Wealth Associates

Local Islamic Economy Stakeholders participating in the booth sections

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