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Here's your exclusive invite to understanding Islamic Finance the way it should be taught

What is this course about?

It is NOT just another "finance" course.

It is NOT a course about making money - though it will help you understand the concept of money from an Islamic perspective, all that is halal and haram.

It is NOT a course that is theory 100% - though the instructor will explain on a deep and practical level why there are different rulings for different financial products.

This is NOT the last Islamic Finance course you will ever need - though it will give you a solid foundation to take on other courses on Islamic finance overseas.

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In Singapore

A course like no other

A Professional, tertiary level Islamic finance course, designed and taught by Dr Hazik  Mohamed, a business consultant and an expert in Islamic finance who has authored three books :

  1. Blockchain, Fintech, and Islamic Finance: Building the Future in the New Islamic Digital Economy

  2. Beyond Fintech: Technology Applications For The Islamic Economy

  3. Belief and Rule Compliance: An Experimental Comparison of Muslim and Non-Muslim Economic Behavior

The Core Foundation to Islamic Finance is an exciting journey of learning why Islamic finance makes sense