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Mr Sani Hamid and Ustaz Haron Masagos reveal all you need to know to manage your financial life as a Muslim and live comfortably even if you do not know much about finance.

Dear Muslim brother/sister


Your days of scratching your head on your finances are over.


Imagine waking up knowing that your investments are performing well. You are well prepared for any emergencies and your religious obligations are fulfilled. Debts are on their way to becoming zero. Your family will be well covered should you leave them behind one day.


Well, you can – With a comprehensive two days course of three hours each unlike anything available in the market, a program we call:

Credit Card

The Rizq Management Masterclass

In this program, Mr Sani and Ustaz Haron will share their combined 30 years of wisdom on wealth management so that you can implement these strategies in your financial life straight away!


Plan your finances like a pro

Understand how you can grow your wealth through a simple trick.

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Plan your investments like a banker

Skip the fees they charge you, know and source for the best investment for you

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Fulfil your religious obligations easily

Waqf and Zakat, two pillars of Islamic social finance you should know!

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Manage debt like it's a breeze

In any stage you are at, learn how to manage your debt the Islamic way.

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Manage risks you didn't know earlier

So what if there is no takaful in Singapore? Here's how to manage it!

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Leave a legacy

Never leave your family in a lurch, plan for it early to avoid disputes!

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