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What roles fintech and digitization could play in enhancing shariah-compliant SRI?
What is the source for 33% standard interests?
Does the Sharia Screening of SRI presented follows certain school of Fiqh?
Can the same shariah screening be employed to channel investment to Islamic Microfinance


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Why is Interest Haraam?
Is Trading in Forex Haraam?
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Shariah-compliant stock screening

Should the use of the 1/3 as a basis of screening be reconsidered? The hadith refers to the case of donation ...

This is true, as this basis does’nt fall under any jurisprudence way, but this is just based on the ijtihad of the scholars to find what are the threshold they can provide for the Muslim investors, so they try their best even though some usul fiqh students and scholars might say it is Qiyas ma’al fariq, but it is an effort by the scholars to give some laxity for the Muslim investors to invest in the capital market.

Are there any investments that specifically exclude investment in illegally occupied Palestine ?

This is an important topic that needs discussion, as SRI strategies started as a faith based movement to distance one’s self from the war that was happening in Vietnam and the Apartheid movement.

These are some of the concerns that I believe the shariah screening practices should observe, whether the investment they put in a company, has a negative association to a company that is negatively impacting the Palestinian people.


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